Art to Manage Business Financial Management and Personal Finance

Both a business and families could go into bankruptcy without ever knowing just how much was stolen! A business should never mind wasting your energy putting up security guards at counters. They may cost you much more in discouraging customers buying than you think. And they fail to stop the shoplifter who counts: the professional.

Real pros scoff at physical safeguards which appear to be obstacles. They have been known to get away with goods from closed glass cases when they concentrated on it! Just be sure that you are not wasting your time trying to stop customer petty pilferage while your "faithful" cash-handler may be putting every other dollar of profit into his or her pocket; all the while smiling right at you!

This is a distinct possibility. Ask any detective or insurance man to tell you how often this occurs. The experienced day-to-day money handler becomes so adept at cheating the register and the employer that he will often turn to interesting sidelines, such as cheating the customer in order to enlarge his total take!

Bear this in mind constantly: most money is lost by American business not through shoplifting, not even through inventory pilferage, but through the combined carelessness and crookedness of the semi-managerial and financial officers of the businesses. Leaving aside the question of carelessness for the moment (though it accounts for almost as much as plain thievery), you simply must not be taken in by the "appearance" of new employees or old.

Don't ever hire anyone because you "like" him. Such a method of hiring is invariably wrong. Check thoroughly into the person's background, looking particularly for proof of honesty. Whatever you do, do not attempt to interpret the day-to-day happenings of the business world in the light of a Pollyanna philosophy that all is well. It certainly is not when it comes to handling money. Dishonesty in money handling and financial management is deep in American life.

This goes for business financial management and personal finance. You must watch where the money flows and goes to keep cash in a positive position.